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'You like Huey Lewis and the News?' Of course you do! How about coffee? Well, likely...that's probably why you're here!


Our Americano Psycho roast is just what you need to get your day started on the right foot. Bold and robust thanks to our dark roast Sumatra bean, with balance and a bump of caffeine from our Ethiopian blonde bean. Great on it's own, or with your favourite milk option for a decadent latte or cappuccino.


Don't be square, take your coffee game to the next level with Americano Psycho!

AMERICANO PSYCHO - Espresso Roast - 340 Grams

  • Bean Origin
    Peru and Brazil

    Flavour Profile

    Full bodied, velvetty, a little smokey.

    French Roast blended with a Blonde Roast
    for a beautifuly balanced espresso

  • Use 2 level tablespoons ground coffee 
    per cup of water (250mL).

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